Aria Pictures Filmmaker Corner

Aria Pictures Filmmaker Corner

Aria Pictures 'Filmmaker Corner'
Aria Pictures News – this weblog, is being downsized in order to concentrate on our new weblog: Aria Pictures Filmmaker Corner.  We may still post news and information about the goings on at Aria Pictures Post Production in Grass Valley, but most of it will be posted and shared on our newer Weblog dedicated to filmmakers of all areas: Actors, Directors, Writers, Editors, well, anything related to filmmaking, and not just about Aria Pictures projects.


filmmakers-welcome-aria-pictures-filmmaker-cornerWe will have guest writers from the likes of Brendan Brooks [Director of Photography, Cinematographer, writer, camera operator, steadi-cam operator, and now actor, just to name a things he can do], as well as, Mark Hoffman [Writer, Actor, Camera Operator, Cinematographer, editor, director, and much more.] that will share their ideas, tips, tricks, and projects, as well as give insights and help if they can.

Not just for the Filmmaker

The weblog is not just for filmmakers, it is also for the film enthusiast and purveyor of fine art, stories, and craftsmanship in story-telling on the visual and auditory medium.  So please join us for the journey and come part-take in the enjoyment that is entertainment.

Still from the same company

The weblog is maintained by Aria Pictures with the intent to share information and the love of making movies, as well as, the love for watching GREAT movies and critiquing the others as what would have made them better and what made them so bad. Aria Pictures Filmamker Corner behind-the-curtain