Truly a team effort

DATELINE: Saturday, October 1, 2011
LOCATION: On set of Petite Chardonnay at Lucchesi Vineyard & Winery, Grass Valley, California

I have spent over an hour contemplating a philosophical essay to explain my life and what this movie means to me; but it either was too sappy, to psychedelic, or just a bunch of rambling from a crazy person — which this may well end up being anyway.

Saturday was a defining day on this journey we take together — hand in hand and side by side — to complete a project we all hope, pray, and dream will be an epic, break out, life and career changing film.

At the helm of the ship, so to speak, I have a responsibility to keep abreast of everything, but that is not possible when we are spread out and with the amount of souls we have involved, so I rely on a few people to keep everyone in line, but mostly I rely on each persons own inner conscience to be self motivating, disciplined, and caring and no one has let me, the other members, or themselves down — the attitude, the feeling, and the excitement on everyone’s face, in their eyes, and their body language shows me that we have an energy, a buzz, a camaraderie that is truly heartwarming.

I am touched that we had people step up to take on new jobs, positions, and responsibilities and to have the rest of us welcomed them into their new role or position with open arms — that tells me that everyone is giving their highest standard to give this movie the best chance it can have to be great.

As always, thank you for being you and everyone was beyond compare; however, there were a few noteworthy people to mention this week that went outside their comfort zone.
Lisa West for taking on the 2nd AC position when McKenna Whiting took over the Script Supervisory role because Krystina Mae stepped into the Marilyn role with flying colors.
It was also the first time we got to see Gretta Sosine, Gary L. Conover, and Michael Klemp, bring their characters to life that allowed Karly to be Chardonnay.

Not forgetting Rob Tillitz and Cynthia Gatlin for their special moments.  Oh my gosh I am tearing up now. 

I hope no one is offended they were not mentioned this week, but there is plenty of time for that and if you know me at all, you know you will get your toast as big as the sun, on top of which thanking each person every week will kind of lose its meaning and power. but you were all fantastic from the photogrpahers to the PA’s; the Make Up Artist’s to the craft and Audio, the only one who honetly did not do much was me.  you honor me by give me the ability to do my job, which I have not yet figured out what that is.  Maybe I’m the weakest link.

God Bless and thank you for another memorable day, it was truly a team effort.

– gerald martin davenport
your most humble writer, editor, and director of Petite Chardonnay.